Rune Green is a serious, funny and top professional speaker. He is recommended by a lot of Danish work places in the private sector as well as the public sector.

In his own humorous and self-deprecating way he has inspired the workforces and leaders all around Denmark regarding working environment, happiness at work, communication and branding. “Humor at the workplace” being his special area of expertise.

He has spoken to audience ranging from 20 people in a conference room to 1000 people in an arena and he is always well prepared, entertaining and inspiring.

...A fantastic lecture about humor and happiness at work...

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How important is humor really for the working environment? Quite a lot actually since humor has a huge influence on which co-workers, customers and clients we feel us on the same wavelengths as.

Humor also has an influence on how we remember our working day and our working life in general. In that way it actually influences our memory.

Listen and be inspired when Rune Green through funny and humorous examples gives you a lot of answers about humor. He also gives you tools so YOU - Yes YOU! – can become much more humorous and increase your ability to see the funny side of your working life.

Perfect for…

This is the perfect keynote if you want something that is more entertaining than an ordinary lecture – but also wants your audience to feel inspired – and walk away feeling that they have learned something.


Notice: For lectures and keynotes in English you have to book Rune at least a month in advance – to give time for proper preparations. 

His lectures in English is about 45 – 60 minutes.

...Gave us food for thought and made us laugh...

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...Extremely relevant and inspiring...


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Rune Green is a Danish humorist, motivational speaker and speechwriter. He has worked with humor for more than 30 years. He has worked alongside classical musicians, rock musicians, advertising people, film- and theatre people and increasingly people in the business world. Always adding humor and increasing the entertainment value.

He is educated from the University of Aarhus where he studied into the field of humor and comedy.

Today he is a very popular lecturer. Primarily giving keynotes in Denmark.

...Very, very funny and instructive...

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